CE Marking

The Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificate

From July 1 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR) it will be mandatory for manufacturers to produce a declaration of performance and apply CE Marking to any of their construction products that are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN).

The CPR harmonises the methods of assessment and test, the means of declaration of performance and the system of conformity assessment of construction products. Such values must be expressed in a consistent technical language, as used in the technical specifications.

CE marking is a European regulatory mark indicating ‘fitness for intended use’ and as such signifies that appropriate, reliable performance information is being declared.

We’ve created two documents?for you with all of the relevant information you require. Here is a summary of the two certificates:

Ce -mark -55x 39? Download using the information supplied on your delivery ticket

  • The Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificate presents the essential characteristics of the our products that we deliver to you
  • The CE marking follows the DoP and means that we have strictly followed all the applicable procedures for drawing up our DoP and that the DoP is accurate and reliable.

Products that are covered include:


  • Aggregates for Concrete BS EN 12620
  • Aggregates for Asphalt BS EN 13043
  • Aggregates for Mortar BS EN 13139
  • Aggregates for Unbound and Bound mixtures BS EN 13242
  • Lightweight aggregates for concrete, mortar and grout BS EN 13055-1
  • Lightweight aggregates for asphalt, unbound and hydraulically bound BS EN 13055-2
  • Aggregates for railway ballast BS EN 13450?? ?
  • Armourstone BS EN 13383


  • Asphalt concrete BS EN 13108-1
  • Hot rolled asphalt BS EN 13108-4
  • Stone Mastic Asphalt BS EN 13108-5
  • Porous Asphalt BS EN 13108-7


  • Screed material EN 13813

Products that are not covered include:

  • Unbound mixtures EN 13285
  • Concrete BS EN 206-1 / BS 8500

We’ve created two documents for you with all of the relevant information you require.

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