Health & Safety

At Tarmac we always put health and safety first, and our goal is for everyone who works with us to return home unharmed at the end of each day, including customers, contractors, employees and the general public.?

Our safety strategy concentrates efforts on Safety Behaviours, Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) and Safe Management of our people. Our leadership team regularly discusses safety, brainstorms ideas, creates solutions, and are committed to promote Ultimate Safety and reach our goal of Zero Harm. Our most senior leadership have visited all Tarmac sites in the UK and carried out face to face discussions about safety.

We adopt a strategic approach to managing the occupational health of our employees. ?There are three principles that support this approach:


  • Complete an?occupational?risk assessment for all employees
  • Follow the hierarchy of control so that occupational risk is as low as is reasonably practicable
  • Provide high quality health surveillance based on risk assessment

Intervention & Support

  • Early identification of?occupational?health illness or disease
  • Quality medical advice
  • Quality health care

Health & Well Being

  • Health screening
  • Health at home
  • Focussed health campaigns

Health & Safety Sections

Switch programme

Switch programme

We launched The Switch Programme on 1 January 2014. Under this initiative, our employees will not use mobile phones in hands-free mode whilst driving.

Cyclist Safety

Cyclist Safety

Members of the Group Logistics and Supply Chain team are working with the wider construction industry and a number of groups of the issue of cyclist safety, in the capital and throughout the UK. We have also taken a number of measures to ensure that our vehicles are as safe as possible for cyclists

Mineral Products Association

Mineral Products Association

We are also a strong supporter of the Mineral Products Association (MPA) annual “Stay Safe” campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the danger of trespassing in quarries.

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