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Tarmac offers fulfilling coastal and inshore waters merchant naval careers, with the ships operating around the coast of the southern UK and near continent. Operations involve dredging sand and gravel in licensed areas offshore and delivering the aggregate to a variety of wharves in ports, harbours and rivers, usually on 13 to 37 hour cycle times.

Work patterns involve time-for-time rotations of two to three weeks as standard, on board a purpose built, well-maintained aggregate dredging fleet of four ships. Tarmac’s Marine business is a well established company, with origins going back to the 1980’s.



Beginning your career

Tarmac’s Marine business encourages cadets to join for offshore experience as part of their training, with five to six engineering and deck officer cadets commonly deployed across the fleet. Some cadets join the company and gain promotion and career progression within the business, occasionally being promoted to ship’s Master and Master Mariner.

Tarmac also offers sponsorship courses for students that wish to persue a career in the merchant navy, not only does this provide valuable experience for the candidates but it also jump starts their career in Tarmac Marine.?

For employment enquiries please contact?01243-817222 or email?Alec.phipps@tarmac.com.?

Bea Jefferis, Cadet

"I am proud to be doing something that I can carry on, I have already started a career for myself." - Bea talks through her decision to go down the sponsored route of her university education and how her education and work life is managed. Watch the video below for more information.?

Alastair Ambury, Chief Officer
"Getting my chief's mate ticket with the company is a big highlight of my career so far." - Alastair talks about his time in the Tarmac merchant navy and also discusses his highlights during his service. Take a look at the video below to find out more.?

Nick Tate, Master
Captain Nick Tate joined the Tarmac merchant navy as a chief officer and has since worked his way up to the role of master. Watch the video below to find out about various opportunities and what it is like to be the Master.?

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