An emulsion based bituminous aerosol, designed to complement Tarmac’s Ultipatch Pothole and Ultipatch Footway repair and reinstatement products.

Ultipatch Edgemaster is easy to use and the simple spray on process gives a clean finish to your repair. Edgemaster adheres to ironwork and concrete, enabling repairs to be completed effectively.

Used directly from the can, Edgemaster completely covers the whole area and its CFC-free propellant ensures the tightest corners are reached.

Ultipatch Edgemaster is supplied in 750ml aerosol cans.


  1. The easy way to seal vertical edges

  2. Seals cracks instantly

  3. Can be applied in all weather

  4. Economical to use

  5. Joint sealing with Edgemaster bonds the new material to the existing surface and prevents the ingress of water into the excavation.

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