SBR Polymer Screed

SBR Polymer modified screed includes a synthetic polymer resin to give increased toughness and bond properties. Shrinkage and cracking is minimised, permeability is reduced and flexural strength is improved. This screed provides high performance at thinner sections and is ideal when normal thickness cannot be achieved.


  1. Availibility

    Available in a range of strengths including C16, C20 and C30 and as a selection of traditional prescribed screed mixes. All available with or without fibres as requested.

  2. Flexibility

    Improved flexural strength/flexural fatigue resistance.

  3. Improved performance

    better impact/abrasion resistance against site traffic with improved performance for thinner, bonded screeds where normal minimum thickness cannot be achieved.

  4. Minimises shrinkage and cracking

  5. Reduces permeability

  6. Quality assured

    Factory mixed ensuring accurate dispersion of cement and polymer conforming to BS EN 13892-2.


  • Refurbishment work and for thinner sectioned screeds. over suitably prepared concrete where it is impossible to achieve normal minimum thicknesses
  • Solid concrete ground floor slabs
  • Precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement
  • In situ suspended floors


Bulk loads in tipper vehicles, can also be supplied in 1 tonne Bulk Bags where space on site is limited?

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