A strong, high quality floor screed ideal for all common floor finishes. Truscreed is available in two compressive strengths - Truscreed C30 and Trucscreed HD C35. Available with and without fibres, our factory produced Truscreed fulfils higher strength requirements linked to faster drying times.


  1. Flexibility

    A range of higher compressive strengths supplied with or without fibres as required.

  2. Excellent strength

    Quicker early strength development and greater final strength providing good resistance to construction traffic and dusting.

  3. Reduced drying times

    Significantly reduced drying times to accept final flooring - light foot traffic in 2 days and site traffic in 5 days.

  4. Workability

    Improved working properties provides easier and more reliable compaction as well as better cement dispersion providing greater and more uniform compressive strength throughout the floor area.

  5. Quality assured

    Factory mixed providing consistent quality materials and accurate proportioning with strength classes conforming to BS EN 13892-2.


  • Solid concrete ground floor slabs
  • Precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement
  • In situ suspended floors
  • A topping to lightweight screeds based on perlite or other lightweight aggregates.
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.


Bulk loads in tipper ?vehicles , can be supplied in Bulk Bags where space on site is limited?

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