Tufscreed F

Tufscreed F has been developed to meet the increasing demands of factory produced sand/cement levelling screeds and incorporates an even dispersion of polypropylene fibres throughout the mix. The presence of fibres can help to achieve a more cohesive material and help control cracking caused by intrinsic stresses.


  1. Reduced cracking

    Polypropylene fibres help to achieve a more cohesive material - ultimately reducing the risk of early age shrinkage and cracking.?

  2. Flexibility

    Improved flexural strength/flexural fatigue resistance with improved pumping characteristics.

  3. Improved toughness

    Excellent impact and abrasion resistance against site traffic

  4. Quality assured

    Factory mixed ensuring accurate control.


  • Solid concrete ground floor slabs
  • Precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement
  • In situ suspended floors
  • A topping to lightweight screeds based on perlite or other lightweight aggregates.
  • Suitable for use inconjunction with underfloor heating systems


Bulk loads in tipper ?vehicles , can be supplied in Bulk Bags where space on site is limited?

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