Low Thermal Conductivity Concrete

Low Thermal Conductivity Concrete

Low thermally conductive concrete is an innovation which, as part of a construction solution, can improve a building’s thermal efficiency. It combines improved thermal performance characteristics with the structural and mechanical performance of conventional concretes, requiring no changes to conventional construction methods.

As part of a construction solution significant reductions in heat loss through thermal bridging can be made. Reductions can be as much as 40% and 15% in internally and externally insulated systems respectively and can avoid the need for thermal breakers.

Where internally insulated structures are considered further design and construction benefits can be realised. Low thermally conductive concrete promotes the opportunity to express the structure of the building as part of it’s aesthetic scheme, without the need to highlight key structural features as part of the cladding system over external insulation. Additional external finishes or cladding typically required for externally insulated structures is not required as low thermally conductive concrete forms a robust and durable external facade.

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