Permeable Asphalt

Permeable Asphalt

Population growth, urbanisation and climate change have been identified as being responsible for the significant increase in the risk and severity of flood events.

The rise in impervious surfaces as a result of urbanisation and development prevents the natural dissipation of surface water. The removal of natural drainage routes increases demands on drainage infrastructure and where capacity is close to full, instantaneous run-off created during storm events has the capability to overwhelm existing infrastructure, leading to flash flooding. A permeable asphalt system provides an effective solution to mitigate the increase in impermeable surfaces associated with new developments and urbanisation. Permeable asphalt can be integrated into drainage schemes or be utilised as a complete system to help create a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS). It is the inherent infiltration, attenuation and pollutant retaining properties of the solution that enable it to contribute to SuDS and help mitigate the risk of flooding.

Some of the benefits of permeable asphalt are:

?- Reduction of surface run-off
?- Reduction of heat island effect
?- Maintenance of water quality
?- Reduction in material quantities

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