Permeable Concrete

Permeable Concrete

Urbanisation of rural and lightly developed areas creates an increase in impermeable surfaces due to the construction of buildings and thier supporting infrastructure. ?Increases in impermeable surfaces with traditional drainage systems, kerbs and gutters linked directly to surface drainage networks, can result in high instantaneous water flows that can overwhelm existing infrastructural leading to increased riskd of flash flooding. ?

Systems intergrating permeable surfaces can povide a solution to help manage surace water, through infiltration and attenuation to maintain natural water flows. ?

Permeable concrete can form an integral part of a SuDS solution, a key tenant of sustainable planning. ?

Some of the benefits of permeable concrete are:

  • Reductions in surface run off
  • Maintaining on natural water flows
  • Reduction of the heat island effect
  • Helping to maintain water quality

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