The ultimate porous asphalt for driveways and small parking areas

Combining excellent drainage with long term durability, ULTIDRIVE POROUS is designed for use on driveways and small parking areas. It helps?to eliminate the problem of surface water and can also help meet local?planning requirements.

The ULTIDRIVE POROUS asphalt range is incorporated into porous asphalt designed pavements. The asphalt pavement provides a surface water runoff to infiltrate across its entire porous asphalt surface into the granular layers. ULTIFLOW is our range of aggregates for use in SuDS.

ULTIDRIVE POROUS surface coarse asphalts are manufactured with advanced binder technology that when used in conjunction with the specially designed ULTIDRIVE POROUS binder, provides effective drainage and maintains long term durability.

ULTIDRIVE POROUS contractors are supported with a laying guide.

Coloured porous asphalt options are available in our Ulticolour range.


  • Driveways
  • Car parks


  1. Proven performance

    Using the latest Porous Asphalt technology and a modified binder, the open aggregate structure allows effective drainage and ensures no surface water ponding.
  2. Enhanced compliance

    Reduces direct surface water run-off to meet the requirements of planning regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.
  3. Improved safety

    Eliminates the problem of both standing water and ice patches that can occur in cold weather conditions.
  4. Faster completion

    Avoids expensive additional drainage, allowing quicker project delivery and reduced disruption to clients and end users.
  5. Ultimate solutions

    Available in 6mm for residential driveways and 10mm for small parking areas. When combined with the Tarmac ULTIFLOW range of permeable sub-base aggregates, we can offer a complete permeable solution. Ulticolour Porous asphalt is also available with a clear binder, pigment and colour matched aggregate for bright, long lasting coloured porous surfaces.

  6. Ultimate support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence?comes as standard. Laying contractors are supported with our?ULTIDRIVE POROUS laying guide.

Ultidrive Porous - Large parking area

Tarmac Contracting were appointed as surfacing contractor for this project to build the new 4000m2 staff car park at this brewery in Monmouthshire. The new ULTIDRIVE POROUS surface provided a safe, all-weather parking area which would avoid surface water. It also met the client’s sustainability requirements by helping to manage rainwater at source and control its release into the surrounding environment.

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