The ultimate one pass footpath surfacing solution.

ULTIFASTPATH contains a modified binder and designed fine aggregates. As a result it is stronger, more workable and more durable than conventional asphalt.


  1. Ultimate Speed

    Existing surface and binder courses can be replaced in a single pass, halving construction time.
  2. Ultimate Convenience

    Faster construction time minimises disruption to pedestrians, residents and road users.
  3. Ultimate Value

    One pass construction significantly reduces labour costs and material usage.
  4. Ultimate Durability

    High compaction levels reduce voids, improve strength and minimise the risk of water ingress.
  5. Ultimate Strength

    Highly durable construction increases resistance to scuffing and deformation from pavement parking and vehicle manoeuvring.
  6. Ultimate Sustainability

    Lower temperature of the mixed material improves site safety and reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.


  • Footpaths
  • Cycle tracks

Case studies



When a local authority needed to replace some uneven flagstones, ULTIFASTPATH allowed the work to be completed in around half the time of a conventional binder and surface course. This improved productivity and allowed the completed footpath to be reopened sooner for local residents.


ULTIFASTPATH Footpaths, Barwell

Working in partnership with Leicestershire County Council we identified a single layer asphalt solution. The design would mean quicker laying, a tighter surface finish and denser compaction



Working with Renfrewshire Council, Tarmac provided a solution which was fast and cost-effective, which would allow work to be completed in one day with minimal disruption.


ULTIFASTPATH Newbattle High School

For this contract Midlothian Council installed the material in a single layer of 70mm, therefore halving construction time and used less material than if offering a conventional solution.


ULTIFASTPATH Inverclyde - langhouse road

Inverclyde council where looking for a material that could be laid in a single layer as a replacement of the conventional material (HRA). ULTIFASTPATH offered an alternative to conventional footway construction that would minimise disruption and time taken on site.


Ultifastpath Powys CC

Footpath and cycle route upgrade. Reducing programme times and improving finish on a challenging site.


ULTIFASTPATH Weston-super-Mare - Feb 2016

This footpath and cycle route through a nature reserve near Weston super-Mare, had deteriorated and required resurfacing. Despite the challenges of the site, by using ULTIFASTPATH in a single 50mm layer, the contractor was able to achieve a strong, smooth finish while halving the time spent on site.

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