Innovative glow in the dark asphalt system

New developments or existing high profile locations often need something visually distinctive that will set them apart. ULTIGLOW is an innovative glow in the dark asphalt system that makes footpaths, cycle paths and pedestrian areas come alive at night.




  1. Distinctive Glowing Appearance

    Available with an aqua or yellow effect, or a combination of both, providing a striking visual impact for the local community or private residents.

  2. Architectural and Landscape Design

    Gives architects, developers and landscape designers an alternative to conventional pavements that enhances the night time built environment.

  3. Evening Venues

    Offers venues such as theatres, restaurants and night clubs a distinctive star quality that gets them noticed and complements their design.

  4. Safety and Demarcation

    ULTIGLOW’s unique features can enhance or even replace external lighting and/or conventional markings in certain environments, thereby improving safety and demarcation at night.

  5. Simple to Use

    This two part system is easy to lay with conventional equipment. The asphalt receiving course is laid by hand or machine followed by an application of chippings, similar to a conventional HRA process.

Colours Available

  • Aqua
  • Yellow

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