The ultimate durable surface for agricultural environments

The harsh acidic effluents found in agricultural environments can seriously degrade conventional asphalt and concrete. ULTIGUARD provides a dense, durable surface with low voids that offers improved chemical resistance and longer lasting performance.


  1. Ultimate durability

    ULTIGUARD uses high quality aggregates and specialist binder additives, avoiding the use of other specific aggregates that are susceptible to acid attack.

  2. Ultimate resistance

    Designed to meet the demands of agricultural environments, ULTIGUARD resists attack from chemical effluents produced by silage and other fermented energy or fodder crops. It also provides a durable running surface for farm machinery.

  3. Faster completion

    An ULTIGUARD asphalt surface is installed quickly and can be used the following day. It offers significant time savings over concrete based surfaces, helping to minimise operational delays.

  4. Excellent workability

    Laid at 40mm nominal thickness, ULTIGUARD is designed for excellent workability for improved jointing and compaction. It can be laid on a suitable asphalt binder course, or used to overlay an existing concrete surface.

  5. Ultimate versatility

    ULTIGUARD can be used for a wide range of applications, including surfacing for silage clamps, storage silos, animal housing and farm yards.

  6. Ultimate support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. Our technical experts can provide advice on material suitability and laying techniques. ULTIGUARD has been designed and tested in our industry leading laboratory facilities.


  • Farm Driveways
  • Farm Yards
  • Silage Clamps


ULTIGUARD - Villa Farm, Keisby, Lincolnshire

A durable, resistant surfacing was required for two large silage clamps at this farm in Lincolnshire. Ultiguard was recommended as an alternative to conventional asphalt and concrete.


ULTIGUARD Bay Farm, Suffolk

Ultiguard offered a durable surfacing solution for these silage clamps at a farm in Suffolk. It was laid quickly, avoiding delays. It also resisted the harsh chemicals produced from silage.

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