The ultimate fast, sustainable low temperature asphalt

A range of Low Temperature?Asphalts manufactured and supplied?to comply with TRL Report 666.?ULTILOW asphalts embrace proven?technology to ensure that the?material supplied performs as well?as conventional hot asphalts, but?with the added benefits of? 10% average savings in carbon emissions, improved workability and earlier?opening times to traffic.

Tarmac Ultilow technology is available throughout the UK in a wide range of asphalts. Find your nearest plant on our map or contact you local Tarmac regional office.


  1. Ultimate speed

    Earlier reopening of carriageways. ULTILOW is supplied at temperatures typically 40°C lower than a hot equivalent, therefore reaches appropriate trafficking temperatures quicker than hot asphalt. This feature is particularly relevant when thick construction layers are necessary.
  2. Ultimate convenience

    Faster construction times keep busy roads moving, minimising disruption to road users.
  3. Ultimate productivity

    Where time restrictions are relevant, larger sections can be laid and still opened to traffic as required, thereby reducing the overall contract programme duration.
  4. Ultimate availability

    ULTILOW is not seasonal and can be supplied and laid all year round.
  5. Ultimate sustainability

    ULTILOW asphalts can deliver average carbon footprint savings of 10% compared to equivalent hot mix asphalts.

  6. Ultimate safety

    Lower temperatures mean less risk of burns and reduced fumes and steam on site which can impact on visibility at times.
  7. Ultimate support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. To ensure our customers get the best possible results, expert support is never more than a phone call away.


  • Motorways / Trunk Roads
  • Urban Roads
  • Housing Estate Roads
  • Rural Roads
  • Bus Lanes Coloured
  • Bus Stops / Stations
  • Roundabouts
  • Distribution Centres
  • Heavily Trafficked Industrial Centres
  • Lorry Parks
  • Car Parks
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Cycle Paths

ULTILOW A350 Westbury Wiltshire

Collaborative working between Wiltshire Council and Tarmac Contracting resulted in the use warm mix asphalts, which provided an innovative and more efficient approach to resurfacing the A350 Westbury, Wiltshire. Using warm mix asphalt meant that the scheme was completed seven days earlier than originally programmed, providing a saving on the overall cost of £70k, principally from traffic management, whilst allowing for an additional 25% more work to be completed.


ULTILOW Case study - Midlothian

As part of a partnership project between City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council to build a new waste treatment facility in the Millerhill area of Midlothian, a new link road was required to connect the site to the local road network.


ULTILOW M180 and M18 Junction Case study

Reconstruction of the INGS Roundabout to restore the pavement life for many years to come.


ULTILOW Warwickshire Highways

As part of Worcestershire County Council’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, an ambitious KPI target was set for the use of warm mix asphalt in their highway maintenance contract. The target specified that warm mix asphalt should constitute 20% of total asphalt used in the county’s road maintenance.


Ultilow Herefordshire case study

Herefordshire Council was committed to reduce carbon emissions from the production of road and footway materials by 20% by 2015. From May to December 2015 over 19,000 tonnes of ULTILOW warm mix asphalt was supplied to Herefordshire Council saving a total of 100 tonnes of CO2e.


Ultilow A2 Kent

Tarmac was commissioned by Highways England to undertake a deep inlay reconstruction of the carriageway in order to provide a safer and smoother journey for road users. Both Highways England and the Bluewater Shopping Centre management team wanted to minimise disruption to road users and avoid lost business for retailers.


Ultilow M6 J13-12

This busy section of the M6 between Cannock and Stafford required resurfacing. This section of motorway forms a strategically important route between Birmingham and Manchester and carries high volumes of cars and heavy goods vehicles.

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