The fast, permanent cold-lay reinstatement solution

Developed for a fast, effective, permanent reinstatement for footway, footpaths and cycle tracks. ULTIPATCH FOOTWAY is designed for the utility sector, combining a long storage life with excellent workability and surface finish.

Ultipatch Footway is available in bulk deliveries, in bags or in tubs.

For bulk deliveries contact your local Tarmac regional office – see contacts to the right of the page.

For packed products (bags and tubs) contact our dedicated customer service team:
03444 630 046


ultipatch footway combo


  1. Convenience

    Available in bulk supply and also in 25kg plastic bags/ tubs. Enables repair and maintenance teams to travel direct to site and complete the excavation, repair and reinstate in a single visit.

  2. Long Storage Life

    ULTIPATCH FOOTWAY can be stored at ambient temperatures in bulk for several weeks and at least six months in bags and tubs. This avoids the waste associated with bulk mixed material, providing a more sustainable outcome.

  3. Excellent Workability and Finish

    Designed for hand lay footway reinstatements and patch repairs, the advance binder technology makes it easier to achieve good compaction and a durable surface finish.

  4. Improved Response

    ULTIPATCH FOOTWAY avoids the operational time constraints associated with conventional hot-mixed asphalt. This allows teams increased flexibility to respond to changing programmes and unforeseen circumstances.

  5. Reduced Delays

    Improved efficiency resulting from the use of ULTIPATCH FOOTWAY means less disruption for pedestrians and residents. It also reduces the risk of personal injury claims associated from failed / uneven surfaces, or excavations left open for prolonged periods.

  6. Proven Performance

    Tarmac has been supplying PCSM’s for over twenty years. ULTIPATCH FOOTWAY benefits from modern binder technology, delivering improved workability and storage life.


  • Footpaths
  • Cycle tracks
  • Achillies Building Confidence

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