Construction & Repairs

Tarmac Contracting have the scale and depth of service to collaborate on all levels of construction and repair of highways and footpaths from pothole repair to full depth carriageway reconstruction.

By combining the expertise of our staff and the latest GPS controlled pavers with Tarmac’s advanced asphalts we are able to provide industry leading standard of service.

Tarmac Innovation

Our single layer asphalts like Ultipave Single Layer and Ultifastpath allow us to reduce resurfacing times and minimise delays for road users by replacing several courses with a single deeper layer.

Our Ultilow warm mix asphalts are also helping to drive industry standards of productivity and sustainability. Supplied and laid at lower temperatures they require less energy to manufacture and have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional hot mix asphalts. They also reach trafficking temperatures sooner, allowing more material to be laid during a typical night shift and help improve safety, visibility and working conditions for site workers.

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