The ultimate road recycling solution

Where sustainability and waste management are the priority, ULTIFOAM offers the ultimate in closed-loop road reconstruction. By using proven foamed bitumen and cold paving technology, ULTIFOAM enables road arisings to be used in sub-surface reconstruction. As a result it offers savings in both transport and disposal costs. It also offers major environmental benefits from reductions in the use of energy and primary aggregates.

ULTIFOAM is only available for?installation by our own expert Contracting?division who evaluate each site to make sure?our clients get the right solution and then?deliver it to the highest industry standards.

Ultimate service


  1. Ultimate waste management

    On-site closed loop manufacturing virtually eliminates site waste and minimises environmental impact.
  2. Ultimate sustainability

    Waste recycling and cold mix paving temperatures mean major reductions in energy consumption and associated carbon emissions. Available data also confirms ULTIFOAM to be an acceptable means of encapsulating tar, thereby avoiding the associated issues with tar handling.
  3. Proven performance

    In 2008 this process achieved ISO 9001 accreditation. Since then it has been used successfully on many of the UK’s busiest routes.
  4. Ultimate control

    In a highly controlled process, waste asphalt is crushed and screened for consistency, then combined with additional aggregate, foamed bitumen and a hydraulic cement or lime binder.
  5. Reduced costs

    By using road arisings in sub-surface reconstruction, both transport and disposal costs can be significantly reduced.
  6. Ultimate support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. ULTIFOAM is only available for installation by our own expert Contracting division who evaluate each site to make sure our clients get the right solution and then deliver it to the highest industry standards.


  • Motorways/Trunk roads
  • Urban roads
  • Housing estate roads
  • Rural roads
  • Roundabouts
  • Distribution centres
  • Heavy trafficked industrial centres
  • Lorry parks
  • Footpaths
  • Cycle tracks

Case Studies


Ultifoam Case Study A11 Norfolk

ULTIFOAM helped to improve sustainability on the A11 Fiveways to Thetford road improvement


ULTIFOAM Melton Mowbray

Tarmac’s focus was to recommend a solution that delivered sustainable performance and cost savings to the client. As a result ULTIFOAM was put forward for its environmentally friendly credentials


ULTIFOAM Case Study Rutland

Tarmac were approached by RCC after it was discovered that carriageway edging on two stretches of the A606 road in the Oakham area were failing and required reconstruction.


Pavement Solutions / ULTIFOAM RAF Waddington Case Study

The 2.7km long runway at this RAF base near Lincoln required full depth reconstruction as part of a £35 million project. After detailed consultation with the client and main contractor, Tarmac proposed using a cement bound granular material (CBGM) and ULTIFOAM recycled asphalt to build the base of the runway.

Technical Information



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  • Achillies Building Confidence
  • Considerate constructors
  • IIP Champion
  • IIP Gold

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