The ultimate durable skid resisting asphalt

Designed to improve road safety and reduce the risk of accidents, ULTIGRIP provides a coloured, textured finish that improves visibility and skid resistance in high risk locations where the client requirement rules out conventional asphalt.

ULTIGRIP is BBA HAPAS certified as a Clause 942 thin surface course.?



  1. Ultimate skid resistance

    Testing carried out for Tarmac has demonstrated that ULTIGRIP provides superior SCRIM performance to conventional asphalts and comparable skid resistance to typical high friction surfacings.

  2. Less weather sensitive

    ULTIGRIP is laid as a surface course, using standard paving equipment. The installation process is less weather-susceptible than for HFS and can be reliably installed all year round. This reduces the risk of programme delays from cancelled work.

  3. Exceptional durability

    Bauxite aggregate and a durable clear binder combine to give a tough, textured finish and long term skid resistance, even on heavily trafficked sites.

  4. Faster completion

    Can be laid quickly in a single pass, reducing costs and minimising disruption to road users.

  5. Reduced risk

    No issues with regard to delamination at any time, as the 40mm layer acts as one homogenous structure, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and costly legal claims.

  6. Reduced Whole Life Costs

    Lower ‘whole life cost’ compared to conventional high skid resisting surfacing techniques when?considering typical product lifespans and actual construction costs. ULTIGRIP can also be reliably installed all year round, thereby eliminating potential aborted work costs which can be incurred when dealing with thin applied treatments.


  • Urban roads
  • Rural roads

Case Studies


The busy A64 in Yorkshire recently required improvements following an increase in maintenance at the junction with the A1237, just outside York. Tarmac worked collaboratively with principal designer and principal contractor A-one+ to meet Highways England’s requirements to replace the surface with a more durable asphalt, which would deliver better whole-life performance, boost safety and minimise unplanned delays.

ULTIGRIP - A161 Swinefleet Yorkshire

The frequent and repeated maintenance cycle of High Friction Surfacing (HFS) was causing disruptive road closures. This was a drain on maintenance resources and often involved long diversions for road users. Ultigrip was laid quickly and provided a long lasting solution with lower expected whole life costs.

ULTIGRIP - A623 Derbyshire

This section of High Friction Surfacing (HFS) on the A623 at Sparrowpit, Near Buxton was failing and in need of replacement. The tight radius of the bend combined with the steep gradient and frequent use by bus and HGV traffic, meant very high stresses for the road surface. Ultigrip provided a fast, long term solution to road safety to this site - being laid in a single night, with minimal disruption to road users.

ULTIGRIP A628 Woodhead Pass

This important Trans-Pennine route from the M1 to Manchester, was in need of resurfacing. It carried high traffic volumes and mix of road users from HGV’s and caravan owners to cyclists. Using ULTIGRIP enabled a significant reduction in programme time and reduced closures for road users. It is also is expected to deliver significant savings in whole life cost.


ULTIGRIP A52 case study

This single carriageway on the route between Nottingham and Grantham was scheduled for resurfacing in January 2018. One section that included hazardous ‘S’ bends, was a well known accident black-spot. After concerns over poor weather affecting the installation of HFS, ULTIGRIP was chosen as an alternative. ULTIGRIP avoids the common delamination problems associated with HFS. This means it typically lasts much longer, has lower maintenance requirements and offers lower whole life costs.


ULTIGRIP M876 J1 case study

The existing high friction surfacing on this busy slip road had deteriorated, raising concerns over driver safety. Using ULTIGRIP allowed the client to improve road texture, enhancing safety on this high risk section of road. Work was completed in a single night shift and reopened the following day meaning minimal disruption for local road users.

Woodhead Pass A628

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