The ultimate surfacing solution for concrete pavements

Over 1,200km of concrete pavement are thought to be in use on Highways England’s strategic road network, with an even greater length in existence across the local authority network.

The thin asphalts used to overlay this concrete frequently suffer from reflective cracking caused by thermal expansion in the underlying concrete and the effects of traffic loading. This cracking eventually leads to water ingress and failure, requiring costly remedial work and causing delays for road users.

To meet this challenge Tarmac has introduced a high performance asphalt stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI) that is proven to resist these stresses, for long-term protection of the asphalt overlay.


  1. Proven Resistance to Cracking

    ULTILAYER SAMI is designed to provide exceptional resistance to the cracking caused by thermal and traffic induced movement in underlying concrete layers.

  2. Low Permeability

    ULTILAYER SAMI is designed to achieve low insitu voids helping to protect the pavement from water ingress damage.

  3. Longer Lasting Results

    Long term monitoring of completed contracts has shown overlays using ULTILAYER SAMI to outperform conventional asphalt solutions.

  4. Improved Asset Management

    Extended pavement life, longer resurfacing intervals and lower maintenance requirements mean improved return on investment.

  5. Fully Recyclable

    At the end of the overlay’s life ULTILAYER SAMI can be removed by standard cold planing and the arisings can be easily recycled back into hotmix asphalt.

  6. More Sustainable

    All Tarmac products are manufactured in the UK and certified under BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing. ULTILAYER SAMI is also designed to be more durable than conventional materials making it a more sustainable long-term solution.

  7. Ultimate Solutions

    ULTILAYER SAMI can be used in combination with our ULTILAYER flexible surface course and Pozament concrete repair products for the ultimate concrete overlay solution.




ULTLAYER SAMI Case Study A449 Malvern

ULTILAYER SAMI offered a cost-effective alternative to full reconstruction of this concrete based pavement in Malvern. By avoiding repeated cracking it helped to avoid future delays and maintenance costs.


ULTILAYER SAMI Howden Case study

Ultilayer SAMI provided a long term solution to the problem of cracking and deformation on this busy section of the A614 in Howden.

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