Retaining Wall Units

Tarmac Retaining Wall Units are designed to provide a cost effective and versatile solution for a wide variety of earth retention and material storage applications.

Available in a range of nine standard one metre wide units from 1m to 3.75 high, retaining wall units provide exceptional strength and stability. Ready to use immediately on delivery to site, the free standing units enable installation to proceed quickly, without the potentially time consuming methods of traditional construction techniques and with the minimum requirements for skilled labour.


  1. Designed for specific loading conditions

  2. Rapidly installed dry construction

  3. Simple and quick to install

  4. Minimal labour required

  5. Easy to handle

  6. Full land utilisation

  7. High quality factory production

  8. Loading on either or both faces

  9. Improved efficiency of stock yards and factories

  10. Wide variety of uses


  • Earth retention
  • Permanent Walls/Boundaries
  • Storage Bays
  • Site Security

How it works

Where there is a directional change in the alignment of the wall, erection should commence at this point.

90° corners are available to form internal corners (90° on the base side of the units). For internal angles, special metre units can be provided. Internal corner units bolted together once erected using the galvanised straps and bolts provided.

External angles are formed by butting standard wall units together.

If a wall is required to be between two fixed points, non standard width units can be supplied. Installation of any anchors should be carried out after the wall units have been erected. Using the preformed holes in the base as a guide, the foundation should be drilled to receive the recommended anchors.


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