Precast retaining wall with internal reinforcing system

Reinforced insitu concrete has been the traditional approach to build retaining structures. Currently, the construction industry demands these structures to be built quicker, more cost effectively and to higher quality standards. This limits the feasibility of in-situ construction for many sites, from light to heavy industry.

Tarmac’s solution, Shuttabloc? is a concrete retaining wall system specifically designed to provide a faster, more economical alternative to casting in-situ.

With no onsite formwork, faster installation benefits and factory controlled finish results Shuttabloc? is flexible and cost-effective solution designed to a given criteria in the same way traditional retaining walls are designed.


  1. Up to 50% reduction in build time

  2. More economical than casting walls in situ

  3. Suitable for high spec walls needing to withstand impact or retain heavy loads

  4. No foundation slab required

  5. No on-site formwork required

  6. Fully supplied and installed by our Tarmac Precast Installation team


  • Silage clamps
  • Security walls
  • Bulk storage
  • Push walls
  • Bespoke applications

Case Studies

Shuttabloc Suffolk Brochure

Lagan Construction required a system that could be installed quickly adhering to project deadlines, walls of up to 5 metres and able to cope with severe loads.

Staples Vegetables Limited

Staples Vegetables Limited required an alternative method to traditional precast retaining wall units that were able to cope with extreme loads.

How it works

ShuttablocTM is a tailored solution specifically produced to meet your requirements. Manufactured in a variety of heights and lengths, ShuttablocTM is factory produced and delivered to site. Once in place the hollow cores of the precast units are pumped full of concrete resulting in a solid push wall that is tied in together and capable of withstanding significant impacts and loads.

The units also have a 100mm recess at both ends of the block. This locks the units in place and completely seals the finished wall.

The ShuttablocTM system maintains the same properties as a wall cast on site, whilst removing the need for formwork.

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