The ultimate free-flowing, self-compacting concrete

Every project is different. Some are more?technical, others more aesthetic. Whatever?the challenge, all must be completed on?time and on-budget. While conventional?compacted concrete has its limitations with?placement often requiring considerable?manpower, machinery and time, Topflow?provides solutions, fast.

Highly fluid, Topflow?is the ultimate self-compacting concrete. It can be poured quickly, flowing and spreading effortlessly to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish. And it’s not just time and money that can be saved;?Topflow also reduces noise and eliminates vibration, considerably improving conditions on site.

With no fewer than 11 different mixes, Topflow?provides flexible solutions for everything from horizontal applications to complex vertical constructions.

To view our study that quantifies the use of special concretes including Topflow in multi-storey and high rise construction projects, please click here.


  1. Fast flowing

    Free flowing Topflow?concrete can be placed fast, with the material consolidating easily and effortlessly into the required pour locations.

  2. Easier placement

    Placement is not just fast, it’s easy. Fewer pour points, less formwork, reduced manpower, no vibration, excellent surface finish and flexible applications make Topflow?easy to work with to speed up your construction schedule.

  3. No vibration

    By eliminating vibration and greatly reducing noise pollution, working conditions on-site are greatly improved, while pours can be safely carried out even in built-up environments.

  4. Smoother surfaces

    Topflow?provides an excellent, smooth surface quality that can be laid perfectly flat for slabs and floors, eliminating the need for floating.

Case studies


Topflow - Swindon School

A school based in Swindon teaching 11 - 18 year olds needed a brand new academy to be built to house their students. The contractor was keen to replace the specified mesh reinforcement with a fibred solution.


Topflow - M6 Smart Motorways

A concrete repair solution was sought for this SMART motorway project that wouldn’t require any further intervention for a minimum of five years post-construction.


Topflow Architectural Concrete Hepworth

Topflow Architectural Self-compacting Concrete ensured that the external faces of the structure were of the highest standard, with the best possible surface finish achieved, over the entire structure.


Topflow Architectural Self Compacting Concrete Aquatic Centre

Following collaboration with the client, it was agreed to use Topflow Architectural Self-compacting concrete, which would provide the necessary strength and a high quality finish to complement the glass-reinforced plastic moulds.


Topflow Gatwick

Topflow 10mm Concrete demonstrated both fast drying and early strength properties, ensuring it also answered the requirement for short timescales.


Topflow - Nova Victora

Nova Victoria is a 897,000sq ft area of redevelopment providing a link between Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace. The area will provide a new pedestrianised, landscaped public space of five public buildings.


Topflow, Varsity Hotel

Tarmac's challenge was to produce a unique, contemporary feature wall and window in one of Cambridge’s finest hotels. Tarmac cast a self compacting concrete on site horizontally. The formwork detail had to be perfect as every aspect would be replicated by the concrete. The final result is exactly what our client and the hotel were looking for.


Topflow, Whitechapel, London

East London’s vibrant and culturally diverse Whitechapel area, is undergoing a transformation as part of Crossrail’s £110 million project to give a facelift to Whitechapel station. We supplied all the Readymix concrete for four large pours totalling 3,000m3 that went down throughout the night.


Topflow London Bridge

When the complex design of Network Rail's new London Bridge station demanded 1500m3 of bespoke self-compacting concrete with a T3 finish for custom-made metal formwork, Costain turned to Tarmac to provide a solution.


Topflow - Humber Bridge

With constant wear and tear of traffic over the years, The Humber bridge needed extensive maintenance. Tarmac were consulted to help find a solution.


Topflow - Topblock racking system

Tarmac Topblock had to replace the racking system in the Maltby facility which required a new 80m3 slab to be cast around the newly erected racks.


Topflow - Frodingham Viaduct

When a severely damaged archway required major structural work to strengthen it and a conventional mix wasn't going to be fluid enough to fill the void, Tarmac were approached to provide an alternative solution.


Topflow - Kensington Developments

When a customer approached Tarmac with the requirement for a concrete that was quick, easy and would work successfully in a trench, Topflow provided the solution.


Topflow - Rosewood Homes

When a housebuilder and housing association were faced with on-site challenges in relation to site access, traffic management and noise pollution, Tarmac were able to help with a speedy and quiet solution.


Topflow - Stonehouse Property Developments

When a housebuilder approached Tarmac to provide a solution for a ground bearing slab for a 7 bedroom house that would be their show piece, Tarmac were able to not only supply but install the material.


Topflow - Sports Performance Centre, Heriot Watt University

When Tarmac were asked to provide a concrete solution for a building that would be aesthetically pleasing, create a modern look and work well with a specific shuttering, a Topflow Architectural mix hit the brief.


Topflow Runcorn Docks silo

When a customer approached Tarmac looking for a solution to infill the walls of a silo, Topflow provided the solution.


Topflow - New science block, Hertfordshire University

When Boygues UK were awarded the contract to build the £26 million science block for Hertfordshire University, Tarmac were asked to get involved


Topflow - Penderys Street, Cardiff

Tarmac's customer was looking for a concrete flooring solution for a project that had challenging access issues.


Topflow - The Quays, Burton Waters

The Quays is a £15 million development of distinctive, high specification homes at Burton Waters, near Lincoln city centre. The client required a solution from Tarmac for the base of an infinity water feature that would sit in the heart of the development.


Topflow - Bond Street Station

To connect Crossrail with the London tube system, new passenger foot tunnels were to be engineered beneath the bustling streets of our Capital’s world famous Oxford Street and Bond Street shopping hub.


Topflow - Hammersmith Flyover

Hammersmith Flyover was opened in 1961. 50 years later de-icing salts had seriously compromised the structure of the Flyover. Special concrete products were needed to help complete the repairs.


Topflow - Mayfair Gallery

Two Work needed to produce a fair face finish balustrade and stair treads for an art gallery in Mayfair.


Topflow Pigmented - McLaren Excell

McLaren Excell contacted Tarmac to provide a concrete to be used for feature walls throughout the renovation and extension of a georgian house in Hampstead.


Topflow / Trenchflow - Wimpey Homes

Ground Developments found themselves digging 3.5m3 below ground level to overcome the poor ground conditions on this site.


Kingdom Hall - Topflow

When Tarmac's customer required a solution for a hall floor that would be quick and easy to install, Topflow was the answer.


Kingswood Homes - Topflow Screed C Belitex & Trenchflow

Kingswood Homes are a growing house builder based in the West Midlands. They are a sister company of Touchwood who have historically completed projects using innovative products from Tarmac's Topflow range.


Topflow - Tiddington Road

Rajkowski are a design and build company that pride themselves on creativity and quality.They approached Tarmac with several flooring specifications. A site visit by our local technical sales representative gave Tarmac the opportunity to discuss all the solutions.


Topflow 50N - Paddington Station

Topflow 50N is designed to provide high strength, while creating outstanding visual concrete, finished to the highest grade.Tarmac was appointed to supply this product to the new Crossrail station extension project at Paddington. The supply was for the 5 levels of slabs varying in size, and 6 Flared Head Elliptical columns that will be seen by millions of commuters that use the new station.


Topflow - Blackfriars case study

No.1 Blackfriars is a mixed use, 50 storey development. It comprises of residential apartments, commercial, entertainment and retail space.Tarmac completed 30 storeys by June 2016 and will continue to supply until completion in 2017.


TOPFLOW Bluescape homes, Hornby

Bluescape intended on using a power floating mix which would have resulted in them taking more time to lay the concrete with more men.


TOPFLOW Sighthill Railway Projects, Glasgow

Balfour Beatty had the task of mass filling a disused railway tunnel on behalf of Glasgow City Council. 80% of the tunnel was filled with hardcore and insulation panels.


Topflow - Charles Church Homes, St Fagans

Building around 14,500 new homes a year in more than 400 prime locations nationwide, Persimmon is one of the UK's most successful house builders, committed to the highest standards of design, construction and service.


Talbot Builders, TRENCHFLOW

Talbot Green Builders are a local well established South Wales company, offering a mixture of building services from individual house construction, to kitchen re-design and installations.


Topflow - Lindum Homes, Hull

Caddick Civil Engineering have always been positive advocates of self- compacting concrete, using these types of products on many of their previous and current construction projects.


Topflow & Topfloor - Konfloor, Burnley Bridges

Konfloor Technology Limited are specialists in the design and management of Superflat and Joint-less Floors. They approached Tarmac at the pre-tender stage of this project, for a concrete solution.


TOPFLOW HORIZONTAL - Woodhill Primary School

Morgan Sindall is constructing a new primary school campus in Bishopbriggs as part of East Dunbartonshire Council’s plan to update its schools estate.


TOPFLOW HORIZONTAL - Hallam Fields, Birstall

Jelson requested a structural screed topping for their new development of shops and flats at Hallam Fields. The contract specified depth's as low as 50mm over a block and beam ground floor system.

Multi Storey Construction

Discover how Topflow can benefit your multi storey project.

Topflow Trenchflow

How it works

Topflow?uses innovative mix technology to?combine the benefits of two seemingly
opposite physical properties; fluidity and?stability. Fluidity is essential to provide easy
concrete placement and a high-quality finish?with minimum effort. Stability is necessary to?prevent segregation. Together, this dynamic?fusion delivers the ultimate free-flowing, self compacting?concrete.

The science of concrete

Topflow’s product formulas are a culmination?of the latest discoveries in organic chemistry,?mineral chemistry and fluid mechanics. It is?these innovations that allow Topflow?to retain?fluidity for more than two hours with no need?to add water on site while achieving early?compressive strength that is comparable to?conventional concrete.


BIM object

Click to download our BIM object for Topflow?Architectural. For more information or to make it specific for your project contact

Carbon Footprint

We’re serious about managing and reducing the carbon footprint of our products and our business, and helping our customers to do the same. We take a whole life approach, which considers the impact of our products over their entire life-cycle, from extraction, production and transport, to performance in use, maintenance and final recycling or re-use. The majority of emissions from the built environment come from the “in use” phase, where our products bring many benefits. All our products are durable, extending the in use phase and minimising maintenance requirements.

Establishing the embodied emissions are the first part of the journey towards understanding the whole life emissions of a project. Tarmac’s Carbon Footprint Calculator enables calculation of the embodied emissions of our products and services.

Whilst we have provided an example footprint for this product it should be noted that the actual footprint for our product delivered to your site will be different. Our calculation process considers not only the manufacturing processes used to create the product but also its source location and your site location to provide the complete picture. For more information please click here or for a footprint specific to your site and your chosen product please email

Download the Topflow Carbon Footprint Example (pdf, 308kb)

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