The ultimate fibre reinforced concrete

Tarmac Topforce is reinforced?with either macro synthetic or steel?fibres and can be designed to exclude?traditional steel reinforcement.

Topforce is not only quicker and easier to?place than steel reinforced concrete, it also?contributes to the durability and performance?of the finished construction.


  1. Faster construction time

    With a typical saving of one man-day per 100m3, Topforce can reduce construction times significantly. Typically as much as 50 days on a 25,000m2 project.
  2. Lower construction costs

    Using Topforce for floor slabs or hardstandings reduces material and labour costs.
  3. Less disruption

    No steel mesh. No waiting around for deliveries. No need for on-site storage. No need for cranes or heavy lifting gear.
  4. Enhanced crack resistance

    The fibres within Topforce reinforce the full depth of the slab, reducing the risk of drying shrinkage cracking.
  5. Reduced carbon emissions

    The carbon footprint of concrete reinforced with macro synthetic fibres is around 60% lower than that of steel reinforced concrete.
  6. Improved site safety

    Reduces the health and safety hazards associated with placing steel mesh and moving reinforcement bars and fabric around site.


Topforce MF Anglian Water Services

The Tarmac team’s challenge was to provide a time-effective, cost-effective and sustainable concrete for the Corby water treatment works that would also meet the stringent health and safety targets and carbon saving criteria of the client, Anglian Water.


Topforce MF Port of Tyne

Topforce brings added concrete strength without the need for steel fabric reinforcement, reducing materials, labour and equipment costs.


Topforce NEC Birmingham

Topforce brings added concrete strength without the need for steel fabric reinforcement, reducing materials, labour and equipment costs.


Topforce Asda South Shields

Topforce fibre reinforced concrete was specified due to its high strength qualities – but also for its ease of construction. Topforce fibres are spread evenly within the mix and are angled at random.


Topforce - New Compost Facility

A compost facility in Billingham required a durable concrete to combat attacks from potentially harsh chemicals. Tarmac's fibre reinforced Topforce met the requirements of the customer and reduced potential health and safety risks onsite.


Topforce - STEMLab, Loughborough University

CSJ Construction were asked by Henry Brothers to place and finish the roof slab floor as part of their current contract at Loughborough University.



Tarmac's engineer, working closely with the Tarmac Specialist Concrete Installations team, designed the bespoke Topforce SF mix. Using steel fibres eliminated the need for costly reinforcement.


Topflow & Topfloor - Konfloor, Burnley Bridges

Konfloor Technology Limited are specialists in the design and management of Superflat and Joint-less Floors. They approached Tarmac at the pre-tender stage of this project, for a concrete solution.


TOPFORCE - Aldi distribution centre

Unforeseen ground conditions and hydrological constraints pushed the development costs high enough to force Aldi to look at other sites outside of Wales.

How it works

Tarmac Topforce removes the need for crack control fabric?reinforcement because it contains specially designed fibres, which are added?during the production process using the latest batch control technology.

Traditional concrete relies on layers of mesh or bar to provide crack control. To ensure maximum?effectiveness this must be placed in exact locations. Even the smallest deviation can result in the?concrete being unable to perform to design requirements.

Save time and money

Topforce can be designed to replace?traditional crack control steel mesh.?This results in less labour and heavy machinery?on site and a quicker turnaround.

Improved durability

Topforce concrete has improved abrasion,?impact and corrosion resistance. By including?uniformly distributed macro synthetic at the batching stage, Topforce also?gives high flexural strength which reduces?the risk of drying shrinkage.?This is a problem that you wouldn't encounter with Topforce as the fibres are uniformly distributed across the slab.


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