The ultimate early strength concrete

Tarmac Toproc Rapid?delivers a?range of concretes that provide both?rapid setting and high early strength?properties resulting in increased?turnaround and productivity.

Toproc Rapid?is as easy to place as conventional?concrete and develops high strength soon?after pouring. Unlike other concretes that?require between 12-20 hours before formwork?can be removed, Toproc Rapid?becomes effective?in as little as four hours allowing construction?to continue.

A range of ready-formulated Toproc Rapid?products are available to meet all different?types of strength requirements, with setting?times ranging from 4 hours to 48 hours.

To view our study that quantifies the use of special concretes including Toproc Rapid in multi-storey and high rise construction projects, please click here.


  1. Less disruption and cost penalties

    Attains strength within hours, a crucial consideration when early trafficking is necessary and delays can incur severe financial penalties.

  2. Accelerate construction

    In relation to the rotation of formwork Toproc Rapid?4hr can double the number of daily rotations for walls, columns, slabs on grade and grade beams, significantly reducing project length.

  3. Easy to place

    Toproc Rapid?is as easy to place as conventional concretes, meaning minimal effort to the contractor.

  4. More flexible construction schedules

    Users can choose the specific time the guaranteed early strength is achieved i.e. 24 hours or 48 hours, enabling them to make up lost programme time due to weather, breakdowns etc. This is essential in time critical projects.

  5. Bespoke concrete solutions

    To offer further cost and value engineering benefits, Toproc Rapid?can also be combined with macro fibres to replace A grade crack-control mesh, providing a very robust concrete solution.

  6. Time saving

    Significant time is saved optimising building processes on all construction sites.

  7. Innovative technology

    Toproc Rapid?works with innovative accelerating systems, enabling good durability, performance and acquisition of long-term strength.

  8. Durability

    Toproc Rapid?achieves both high early strength and high ultimate strength, providing a very durable concrete.


  • Car parks
  • Access roads
  • Floor areas
  • Airports
  • Dockyards
  • Rail networks
  • Water control structures

Case studies


Toproc Rapid - Alcan Smelting Plant

P.A. Gascoigne, fixed maintenance contractor at one of Alcan’s aluminium smelting plants, needed to replace the floor slabs in a crucial part of the production line. The use of Toproc Rapid as the in situ replacement for the floor slabs more than halved the period of production downtime at the Alcan plant.


Toproc Rapid - Corus Works Lakenby

By using Toproc Rapid 48hr the client completed the work on schedule and within a much faster time frame compared to traditional concrete. The newly poured hardstands were able to be trafficked much faster, resulting in a significant reduction in both downtime and subsequent production losses.



A solution was needed to speed up the construction work at the entrance to Loughborough University, a project comprising four buildings covering a total area of 5,900m2 of mixed office and storage space.



The project was a tall order in more ways than one. A 65m control tower to replace the existing one at Manchester Airport, making it the second highest in the UK. The main circular shaft required a 24-hour continuous pour to ensure the shutter levels rose at an optimum rate of 300mm/hour throughout the project.


Toproc Rapid Precast Concrete Facility

A precast concrete manufacturing company, specialising in the rail market had been using the same concrete mix for nearly 20 years without any issue in terms of workability, finish and overall strength. Compared to the existing mix, Toproc Rapid offered a time saving as it provided a stronger product in a shorter time frame, as well as being an overall more consistent product.


Toproc Rapid - Re-Instatement Sutton Ford

Tarmac were contacted by the contractor to become involved in the road’s re-instatement and develop a long-term solution.


Toproc Rapid Sykes House Farm

Following detailed consultation with Sykes House Farm to establish the exact time constraints, strength requirements and aesthetics of the project, Tarmac experts advised the use of Toproc Rapid 48hr.


Toproc Rapid - New Tyne Tunnel

Toproc Rapid 15hr was developed as a bespoke solution for this project to offer high early strength of 10N at 12 hours, which enabled strip shuttering to happen on the same day and considerably reduced overall construction time.



The required strength for the lintels was 50N/mm2 at 48 hours and Tarmac’s Toproc attained the desired strength comfortably. It achieved 50N/mm2 after just 36 hours and went on to achieve 90N/mm2 after 28 days providing the necessary support and ensuring that deadlines were met comfortably.


Toproc Rapid - St George's Road, Network Rail

When an existing road surface surrounding the train track needed repair work, Tarmac were approached to help supply a solution that would gain sufficient strength in a short window of time to enable these vital links to be quickly back in use.


TOPROC RAPID Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport required an existing taxiway (Taxiway Juliet) to be replaced with a new concrete slab.

Multi Storey Construction

Discover how Toproc Rapid can benefit your multi storey project.

How it works

Toproc Rapid’s exceptional early strength gain and rapid setting (4hr) are possible?thanks to the technological advances in its formulation.

Following extensive research and development the microstructure of the concrete is optimised?at an early age by fine-tuning the growth of the initial hydration process. This provides the?all-important workability time without disturbing the mineralisation process through the?addition of additives. It’s the introduction of this innovative accelerating system that ensures?early strength and long-term durability are achieved.

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