The ultimate high performance concrete

Tarmac Toproc delivers high optimal strength and performance in the most challenging environments. Together with ultimate abrasion resistance, there are ready-formulated Toproc products available to cater for various situations where certain additional characteristics are required. Bespoke formulations can also be designed to meet project specific requirements.


  1. Exceptional in extreme temperatures and environments

    Resists extremes of temperature and corrosives such as chemicals, acids, seawater and de-icing salts.
  2. Outperforms conventional concrete and commercially sound

    Proven to outlast conventional concretes in environments subjected to high impact and abrasion resulting in reduced whole-life costs.
  3. Faster curing and extreme toughness

    Toproc gains strength in hours, not days and on average, will gain 25N strength in 24-48 hrs compared to C40 concrete, which typically gains 40N strength in 28 days. Average strength of Toproc = 60N+/28 days.
  4. Faster construction time

    Dries in weeks not months, designed to provide a relative humidity at its surface of below 75% as early as possible, so it can be worked on soon after placement, dramatically cutting programme times and costs.
  5. Specifically tailored

    The Toproc range provides customers with a bespoke designed high strength concrete and additional benefits which conventional concretes cannot provide. It can also be combined with macro fibres to remove A grade crack control mesh.
  6. Well established and successful history

    Toproc was launched in 1990 and has a proven track record in a variety of applications.
  7. The Green Agenda

    Toproc is a sustainable product with a longer shelf life than conventional concretes.
  8. Health and safety

    No special handling technique is required. Good general concrete practice is to be followed.

Case studies


Toproc SY MOD training camp

To eliminate the environmental and social impact of truck movements, Tarmac installed a site batch concrete plant at the barracks.


Toproc ES - London Underground

Our expert team recommended Toproc ES microsilica concrete for its high abrasive qualities and rapid strength times


Toproc UW - Chew Magna Sewage Station

Clients Wessex Water Services Limited commissioned Tarmac to cast a concrete base 1,400mm deep – at the bottom of a 10m deep tank.


Toproc AA Coastal Defence Blackpool

For over 100 years the old sea wall has provided Blackpool with protection from coastal erosion and flood alleviation. Constant bombardment from winter storms had taken its toll on the structures and much of the defensive structure needed to be replaced.


Toproc ES Alton Waste transfer station

Tarmac was asked to provide a concrete to construct a waste transfer station floor area. 75% of the floor area was designated for high wear use (tipping halls and storage bays) which would be subject to high impact and abrasion damage from large front end loading machines.


Toproc ES Brighton coastal protection scheme

Brighton and Hove Council wanted to maximise the abrasion resistance of the concrete used in the Brighton-Ovingdean Coast Protection Scheme.


Toproc ES Arsenal Waste transfer station

A first floor suspended slab floor of approximately 6,400 m2 and 375mm thick was required by clients, London Borough of Islington, for their waste transfer station.


Toproc ES Underbridge 41 Corby

Sufficient strength was needed at two hours to enable the installation of waterproofing material and a minimum 10N/mm2 compressive strength was needed at eight hours to allow subsequent backfilling over the arch.


Toproc CR Billingham

Tarmac were chosen to provide a concrete for the floor of a storage facility for rock salt at Billingham, Teesside, for Stockton Borough Council. Rock salt contains aggressive chlorides – so it was vitally important to construct the floor from materials that could resist the chemical attack.


Toproc AA and Toproc HR - Outokumpu Steel, Sheffield

Attaining superior strength and drying in a matter of hours, not weeks, ensured that work was completed well within the two-week timescale set. Several years later, both Toproc products continue to deliver exceptional strength and durability, with the heat resistant Toproc HR proving particularly effective in the furnace areas.


Toproc ES Wolvercote Viaduct

When a major viaduct linking the Midlands and the South Coast needed a unique concrete ‘stitch’ pour to join the north and south carriageways – all carried out within a tight possession window – it was the Tarmac team that rose to the challenge.


Toproc UW Weston-Super-Mare Sea Defence

Toproc UW proved to be a viable and economical alternative to precast panels and ensured all the performance specifications for the new sea defences were met.


Toproc Avonmouth

Toproc AA was the recommended solution due to its performance in previous refuse transfer station projects.


Toproc ED ASDA Wakefield

We needed a fast drying concrete that would allow the contractors to apply a Degussa - methyl methacrolite based resin floor finish - on top, within a timeframe of just seven days of the pour.


Toproc - Radyr-weir hydro scheme

Dawnus Civil Engineering were commissioned by Cardiff C.C to construct a hydro electric power station at Radyr Weir.The £2.6m scheme comprised of damming the section of works from the River Taff and constructing the structure to house the Archimedes turbine screws.


Toproc - Burton Biscuit

Burton Biscuits were looking to have an essential yard repair carried out at one of their busiest factories in the UK and at what is one of their busiest times of the calendar year.


Toproc ES, United Plastics, Mountain Ash

Mid Glam Construction were appointed by United Plastics who run a precision injection moulding facility in Rhondda. They were asked to excavate and prepare a base in the heart of the working factory to take 2 new high pressure injection moulding machines.


TOPROC HS Blackfriars, London

Tarmac committed to the project by installing a new Microsilica dispensing system at Kings Cross. This new system was installed to specifically supply One Blackfriars.


TOPROC SY Margam Green Enery, Interserve

The Margam Green Energy Plant is a long-term, multi-million pound investment into the Welsh economy. It will help meet the country’s renewable energy targets whilst also strengthening the country’s energy security.

How it works

Harnessing the power of admixtures

Key to the exceptional performance, strength, cohesion and durability of Toproc is the presence of tailored admixtures in its mix. These materials provide enhanced resistance to water ingress, chemicals and impact abrasion compared to conventional concrete materials.

Increased strength for harsh environments

Thanks to the presence of specific admixtures, Toproc provides a robust, resilient concrete containing fewer capillary pores than conventional concretes and therefore providing a very dense concrete matrix with low permeability.

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