Toptint Glow

with LuminTech technology

Toptint Glow is a decorative concrete surface that not only looks beautiful in the day time, it also glows in the dark or dimly lit areas. Toptint Glow works by absorbing natural and artificial UV radiation during the day and radiating it at night as a visible light.

The glow is visible for more than 10 hours, making it the ideal choice for projects where a distinctive visual impact is desired or where a material is needed for the demarcation of specific areas or zones.

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  • Garden paths
  • Walkways
  • Terraces and patios
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Pavements
  • Cycle paths
  • External social areas


  1. Especially designed for concrete

  2. High performances and durability

  3. Outstanding decorative effect

  4. Easy to use

  5. Improves visibility at night

  6. User and environmentally friendly

  7. Long life

  8. No additional costs in maintenance

How it works

Toptint Glow uses patented LuminTech technology to achieve a luminous glow. This technology consists of recycled composite luminescent chippings.

The fact that the luminescence runs throughout the entire mass of the chippings means that the performance is optimal and more durable compared with other solutions where the luminescence is just applied as a surface coating.

  • The Toptint Glow chippings absorb UV light during the day
  • During the night, the chippings emit light that is visible in the dark
  • The delayed emission intensity depends on initial irradiation (UVa) intensity and duration
  • The visibility depends on the light emission intensity and surrounding (secondary sources) light intensity, surface contrast and chipping size
  • As long as the surface is well maintained, the UV absorption / light emission cycle will continue indefinitely without wear or ageing.

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