Work Safe Home Safe - Snodland pride

At Tarmac we work collaboratively to drive progress against our safety ambitions and the team at Snodland are a perfect example of getting it right.

Working an average 225 man hours, per man, per month every month for 6 years, it is a true testament to the commitment and team ethos of the South East Contracting team to have collectively managed to exceed 3 million hours with out a lost time incident.

Many of the team have worked for Tarmac for over 20 years and the collective performance really demonstrates how the deep routed safe culture and values of the Tarmac Way are passed on to those who have been working with Tarmac and our wider supply chain for shorter periods of time.

The message is clear, keep yourself and others safety at the forefront of everything you do from the moment you arrive at work, to getting home safely.

As a team, everyone at Snodland is proud to continue to challenge each other, and to report incidents. They are also keen to trial new safety initiatives.

The industry is a fast changing one with new technologies and processes being introduced. Fundamentals of working safely, adhering to standard operating procedures and truly demonstrating the Tarmac Way values and behaviors mean we deliver for our customers whilst always striving to improve.

Well done and THANK YOU to everyone for an extraordinary achievement and may it continue well into the future

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